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Hormones, Aging, and Your Health

Hormones are an essential part of your good health. These chemical messengers travel in the bloodstream, regulating bodily function. 1 Hormones regulate your metabolism, sexual function, growth, development, mood and, ability to reproduce. 1 Therefore, it seems like hormones are a very important part of your overall health and well-being. By now you might be wondering: how do I know that I have the right amount of hormones necessary for good health? Keep reading to find out. Continue reading

How to Keep Your Brain Healthy

Most people know that exercise helps keep a person physically fit, but what can be done to keep the brain healthy? These answers may not be as easy to find. And what about the development of the brain in the early years of life? How important is this? Finally, what can be done to keep the brain in good health as we get older? This is your guide to a healthy brain for a healthier life. Continue reading

How to Keep Your Joints Healthy

Pain is not fun! Anyone with joint pain, stiffness and inflammation would agree. Joint pain keeps you from doing the things that you want to; stealing away your quality of life. So it’s no secret that taking care of your joints is important, especially if your are over the age of 45. This is your guide to healthy joints for a better life. Continue reading