History: T.J. Clark and The Sacred Spring

T.J. ClarkT. J. Clark Colloidal Minerals were first developed in the early 1920’s after T. J. Clark, a rancher in Central Utah fell seriously ill. Doctors were unable to diagnose his illness and his condition became progressively worse. Desperate to save his life, he allowed a local Native American to lead him to a sacred spring and he drank from the small pool of golden water that lay at the base of magnificent sandstone cliffs. He continued drinking the water until his illness subsided. Amazed by his recovery, T. J. traced the trickle of spring water to its origin by following it through the labyrinth of cracks and crevices in the sandstone cliffs isolating the various ore deposits it passed through on its way to the healing pool below.

Researching the spring’s path led T. J. to the discovery of rich mineral deposits. Verified by the U. S. Department of the Interior as deposits of plant origin approximately 100 million years old, it contains uniquely preserved mineral compounds from prehistoric plant sources. T. J.’s original discovery still exists on his grandson, Thomas “Tom” J. Clark’s privately-owned Last Chance Ranch.

Through research on his farm animals, T. J. found a variety of health benefits which he attributed to the mineral compounds. He developed a leaching process to extract the concentrated mineral compounds into pure water duplicating the chemistry of the “healing pool” below. He began passing out his mineral formula to his friends and neighbors. The feedback that they provided, coupled with his personal experience with the minerals, was the cornerstone of his research. Word of mouth spread the news across the country about T. J. Clark’s phenomenal discovery of these unique minerals.

T. J. spent the rest of his life investigating his phenomenon and working with researchers. By the time he died, T. J. had created the world’s first colloidal mineral formula. His legacy continues through the work of his grandson and namesake, Tom, who is currently President and CEO of T. J. Clark & Company.

Tom spent his early years apprenticing with his grandfather. The years spent traipsing along with T. J. taught him valuable lessons in finding, extracting and processing T. J. Clark’s Mineral Formula, as well as the importance of helping people. Tom has continued his grandfather’s scientific research in order to further refine and enhance the legendary mineral formulas. Today, Tom continues research into the electrical properties of these unique mineral compounds and the unique synergy created between them. It is the complex interactions of the elements over millions of years, combined with a proprietary processing method that provides the active ingredients in T. J. Clark Colloidal Minerals. Modern science still has no means to identify the exact nature of the many compounds and the interactions between them. As time passes, more and more trace minerals are being recognized as essential to metabolic function. Many knowledgeable scientists believe the T. J. Clark Phenomenon will eventually provide the “key” to researchers in discovering how these elements must be presented to be useful.

T. J. made history when he discovered this amazing phenomenon – treasure – resource in Central Utah. Not only was T. J. responsible for discovering this incredible Phenomenon, but he also originated the entire “Colloidal Mineral” concept.

Today, his original discovery is still owned by Tom Clark and his family. T. J. Clark & Company, based in St. George, Utah, is recognized worldwide as the providers of the only product of its kind whose efficacy is supported by over 90 years of effectiveness and safety