The History of Colloidal Minerals

1920’s and 1930’s

Years of arduous work isolating and quantifying the necessary raw material components to produce T. J. Clark’s colloidal mineral phenomenon.


Young Tom Clark - T.J. Clark's grandson
Young Tom Clark – T.J. Clark’s grandson

T. J. Clark’s grandson, Tommy (now called Tom), who is now President and CEO of T. J. Clark & Company, is born. At the young age of 3 he began traipsing around after his beloved grandfather. Fortunately for T. J., his young grandson developed the same passion for helping others towards health as he himself had.

1950’s and 1960’s

Tom Clark on a horse
Tom Clark on a horse

Here young Tom is pictured on a horse his grandfather T. J. had trained in a matter of only two days. Like T. J., young Tom loved adventure. By the time this picture was taken, Tom had already learned all of his grandfather’s secrets about making his extraordinary colloidal minerals. And to this day Tom works to keep the promise he made to his grandfather so many years ago, “to provide health and opportunity to people of the world.”

1970’s and 1980’s

Researching colloidal minerals
Researching colloidal minerals

As the Original Colloidal Mineral Formula™ enjoys it’s 50th year of success in helping people like you reclaim and preserve their health, mainstream researchers are only just beginning to understand the importance of minerals and trace elements to human nutrition. This period is also marked by intense research by T. J. Clark & Company, as we continually strive to isolate and perfect the individual compounds which are responsible for this amazing phenomenon.

1990’s through Today

Manufacturing colloidal minerals
Manufacturing colloidal minerals

Noted researchers in the U.S. and other countries begin to study the Colloidal Mineral phenomenon. The product wins praise from Doctors and Scientists alike as the minerals unique properties continue to demonstrate their amazing effect on human health. T. J. Clark & Company continues to conduct more advanced studies to isolate the individual compounds, and perfect the manufacturing process.

Manufacturing facilities are moved to St. George, Utah, and are upgraded to take advantage of the growing technology in vitamin and mineral manufacturing.