Colloidal Minerals

We have been the original source of colloidal minerals since their discovery in the 1920’s. Now it’s time to welcome a new generation of liquid vitamins and minerals to the family: supplements enhanced with the power of our proprietary recipe. This special recipe is noted for it’s ability to make the different elements in a compound work together.

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Colloidal Minerals

Colloidal Mineral Concentrate, Black Label, 4 oz

  • All natural, allergen free
  • Discovered in the 1920’s
  • Up to 72 trace minerals

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It All Started with Colloidal Minerals

Tom Clark standing in front the original mine
Tom Clark standing in front the original mine portal.

It didn’t take us long to discover the power of colloidal mineral water. Back in the early 1920’s, a rancher named T.J. Clark suddenly became very ill. A Native American friend led him to a sacred spring, where he drank the water began to feel better almost immediately. The claim to the original mine has been in the Clark family for almost 100 years!  Read the entire history

Today we are proud to offer our most popular colloidal mineral supplement, passed down from grandfather to grandson (pictured to the right). Our colloidal minerals are all natural and truly unique. Each bottle contains up to 72 trace minerals and elements presented in a format only mother nature can deliver.

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