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Your Guide to Healthy Skin

First, here is a tip for treating skin disorders. When treating a skin disorder such as acne, eczema, psoriasis or dry skin, we feel it is important to consider a person’s overall health as well as the skin condition. For example, a person with acne might consider internal body cleansing to help with their skin symptoms. Please be sure to consult a medical professional for an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Now let’s discuss how to maintain healthy looking skin for a lifetime. Summer is here, and some people might need to get their winter skin ready for the sunshine. Step one is to exfoliate the dead, dry skin that has accumulated over the winter. 2 Step two involves moisturizing the new skin that is left underneath. 2 For details on how to exfoliate and moisturize, click here.

In the summer months it is especially important to moderate your exposure to direct sunlight without protection. A good rule of thumb for sun exposure is 10-20 minutes, three times per week. 3 If you need to spend additional time in the sun, consider wearing a sunscreen, with an SPF of 15 or higher, that protects against both UVA and UVB rays. 2 Instead you may choose to cover up with clothing to protect your skin from too much sun…

If you happen to spend too much time in the sun and get sunburned, here are some tips for a speedy recovery. T.J. Clark’s Legendary Minerals will improve the healing of any burn. Put the minerals in a spray bottle, or douse a cloth with the minerals and apply to the sunburned area as needed until the pain is gone. Skin lotions and creams may provide relief from the pain associated with a sunburn. 4 T.J. Clark’s Youth Redux Rejuvenating Cream contains soothing ingredients along with antioxidants, to help restore damaged skin. To view T.J. Clark’s entire line of skincare products, click here. For more sunburn care tips at home, click here.

Winter skin care is also an important step in keeping your skin healthy. If you live in a dry climate, a humidifier may help to increase the humidity inside of your home. Another measure to help dry skin involves switching to an oil-based moisturizer. 5 Also remember 10-20 minutes of sun exposure, three times per week as a guideline, and wear sunscreen if you are going to be out in the sun for extended amounts of time.

Diet plays an important part in skin health. What foods are good for the skin? Pretty much the same foods that are good for the body. Dairy products, berries, vegetables, fish, nuts and seeds top the list. 6 T.J. Clark also offers quality supplements that have been shown to promote healthy skin. To view these products, click here. It is also important to drink at least eight glasses of pure water daily, as we lose water through our skin.

Skincare is a must for everyone. Taking care of your skin will improve the quality, and possibly the duration of your life. Use the information above to create a skin care program that works for you, adjusting the general recommendations as necessary and listening to your body.


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