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Will there be a Swine Flu Pandemic?

The Swine Flu has been making headlines as the number of deaths related to this new virus are increasing around the world. Originating in Mexico, the Swine Flu virus appears to be a new genetic mixture of viruses; which makes it difficult for the human immune system to respond properly to the virus. 2 Cases of the Swine Flu have been reported in Mexico, France, Spain, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and also in the U.S. 2

The question on everyone’s mind is whether or not the Swine Flu will be the next pandemic?Many countries around the world are already in alert mode, taking the extra precautions necessary, in order to prevent Swine Flu outbreaks. The World Health Organization recently declared a Phase 5 outbreak, which is the second-highest on its threat scale. 3

However, one Virginia Tech virologist, Dr. X. J. Meng, does not believe that the Swine flu “has the potential of leading to a pandemic.” 1 Furthermore, he feels that the large number of Mexican cases may be due to a difference in health care systems. 1

Now you may be wondering how you can protect yourself and your family from this virus? John Lauerman with Bloomberg says that good personal hygiene and avoiding contact with sick people can help. 2 Although there is currently no vaccine for the Swine Flu, there are certain drugs on the market that may help in the event that you contract the Swine Flu. Tamiflu and Relenza have both been shown to react against the Swine Flu. 2

It may also be helpful to know that many of our long time customers have said that they can consistently avoid colds and flu when, at the first signs of onset, they dissolve ½ teaspoonful (approximately 4 grams) of T. J. Clark’s powdered vitamin C in one ounce of Legendary Mineral Formula and drink it straight. Typically they will do this just before bedtime. We are told this is not only a preventative measure but significantly shortens the duration in the event that you do catch a bug.

Finally, remember to keep your body strong. Rest is very important. Drinking plenty of pure water is also a good idea. Your immune system may also benefit from a serving of our Immune Barrier Advanced Formula to help keep your immune function at it’s peak. We hope that you and your family will stay healthy for many years to come, and thanks for reading.


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