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Water Purity Experiment

How pure is your drinking water? Our simple experiment tests the purity of six different types of water: tap water, carbon filtered water, bottled spring water, reverse osmosis water, store bought distilled water and homemade distilled water using our Legendary Phytogenic Minerals. You will also learn about how our Legendary Phytogenic Minerals work inside of your body to enhance health.

Bioavailable Minerals

Bioavailable minerals are easily absorbed and used by the body. Although distilled water is the purest form of drinking water, it does not contain any minerals, and the hard minerals found in unpurified water cannot be easily used by the body. If you want to add minerals back into your water, the best way to do so is with our Water Remineralization product.

You can also get the vital spectrum of minerals and elements necessary for life from our Legendary Phytogenic Minerals. Remember that these products contain a bioavailable complex of minerals and elements from plants. Check out the specials on your right.

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