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Spring Cleaning

Spring is here! The birds are singing and the trees are in bloom. Most of us clean our homes in the spring, why not focus on our bodies as well? The rewards of cleansing are well worth the effort. You deserve to have more energy and an increased sense well being. Cleansing doesn’t necessarily mean you must suffer greatly or go days without food. Keep on reading to learn more about cleansing.

Internal body cleansing is a natural process that has been performed in the form of fasting for thousands of years. 1 However, this article takes a more holistic approach to cleansing. In addition to internal body cleansing, you might choose to clean up your emotions as well as your home. Why focus on cleansing more than just your body? Negative emotions and a toxic home can noticeably affect your overall health. Let’s explore these areas in more detail.

Cleaning up a toxic home can be very beneficial to your health. Dust and mold can cause mild to severe allergic reactions. 2 Storing toxic chemicals such as harsh cleaners, paints and solvents outside of your home is a good idea. If you have central air conditioning, consider cleaning or replacing the air filters at least once a month. 3 Clean up your drinking water with a water distiller and T.J. Clark’s Water Remineralization. Distillation ensures the removal of all harmful substances in drinking water. Click here to read more about water purification.

Emotional cleansing usually involves the acceptance and release of negative emotions. However, the emotional cleansing process is different for each person. Studies have shown that unresolved negative emotions can cause physical health problems including heart disease, obesity and fibromyalgia. 4 Emotional cleansing might involve improving your relationships with others or facing long-term fears. It may be helpful to use positive affirmations as you begin to work through negative emotions. If you can make peace with yourself it will be much easier to make peace with everyone else. ..

Internal body cleansing is an art. The basis of internal cleansing involves consuming more nutrient rich foods, drinks and supplements. Increasing your intake of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes is a good place to start. Minimize or eliminate your intake of meat while cleansing. Finally remember to drink plenty of pure water (8-12 glasses per day), especially if you are cleansing. Water flushes out toxins and enhances the cleansing process. Here are a few ideas on how to get started for a first-time cleanser:


It is also a good idea to take a top-quality nutritional supplement every day of your life because most soils are depleted of nutrients. T.J. Clark’s Complete Mind Body provides all of the essential nutrients your body needs. Our Legendary Phytogenic Minerals improve the nutritional value of food and enhance its absorption. You can also take the Legendary Phytogenic Minerals with your supplements to increase their absorption.

It is also worth mentioning some additional tools that aid in keeping your body clean and healthy. Exercise is one such tool. The optimal amount of exercise will vary from person to person, but 30-45 minutes 4-5 times per week is a reasonable goal. Another great detoxification tool is the sauna. The skin is the body’s largest detoxification pathway. 5

Keep in mind that cleansing is a step by step process, as is disease. Therefore do not expect results immediately. Be patient. Always listen to your body, and remember to enjoy the journey. The journey is just as important as the destination.


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