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How to Get More Value Out of Your Supplements

Even with the improvement of the economy, many of us are still trying live conservatively. Why would you spend more money than you need to? That is why we put together this guide to help you get the most value out of your nutritional supplements. Keep reading to learn how to get the most for your money when it comes to taking supplements. Continue reading How to Get More Value Out of Your Supplements

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Pregnancy and Nutrition

Although everyone needs the same nutrients, the amounts we need change as our lives change. This message is for all women of childbearing age, mothers-to-be, and growing families everywhere. We will discuss perhaps the three most important phases of nutrient requirements that determine an individuals lifelong health and nutrition status; Pregnancy, lactation, and infancy. Continue reading Pregnancy and Nutrition

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Are you getting enough minerals?

A healthy human body needs nutrients. Carbohydrates, protein, fat, minerals, vitamins and water in correct proportions are the keys to health and longevity. 1 Let’s take a moment and focus on minerals. Here is the question: Are you getting enough minerals in your daily diet? We will explore this question shortly, but first, you might be wondering why minerals are important. Here are some examples of how minerals are used within the body. Continue reading Are you getting enough minerals?

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10 foods that help you lose weight

It’s New Year’s resolution time, and perhaps losing some weight is on your list. Did you know that lasting and healthy weight loss comes from change in two key areas: diet and lifestyle? The lifestyle changes are fairly straightforward; become more active and exercise regularly. However, dietary changes can be very confusing. Especially with all of the crazy weight loss diets out on the market today. In our attempt to keep things simple for you, here are 10 foods that can help you lose weight in 2010: Continue reading 10 foods that help you lose weight

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Cholesterol and Your Health

It used to be that the word on cholesterol was simple: watch your saturated fat intake and avoid foods high in cholesterol to lower your risk of heart disease and stroke. But now some health and nutrition experts are saying that there may be more to learn about cholesterol and its role in cardiovascular disease. Is cholesterol really the bad guy here? And did you know that cholesterol is necessary for brain health, strong immunity, and adequate hormone production? Let’s see if we can learn a little more about how cholesterol works in the body to help you better understand its importance. Continue reading Cholesterol and Your Health

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Organic Minerals vs. Inorganic Minerals

How important are minerals? It is a fact that human life could not go on without minerals. Your body depends on a variety of minerals to complete many metabolic processes. So what are some good sources of minerals? Are organic minerals better for you than inorganic minerals? We will attempt to answer these questions and more as we uncover the truth about minerals. First let’s take a look at the difference between organic and inorganic minerals. Continue reading Organic Minerals vs. Inorganic Minerals

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10 Foods That Give You More Energy

In this fast paced world, there are a growing number of people who could use more energy. But what is the best way to get more energy? Drinking coffee? How about sugary drinks? Sure these quick fixes work for awhile, but eventually they will leave you feeling more drained than before. Instead, we encourage you to make some changes in your diet: try eating these 10 high energy foods. Continue reading to learn how to get more energy the natural way. Continue reading 10 Foods That Give You More Energy

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Healthy Blood Sugar the Natural Way

Anyone who has experienced blood sugar problems understands the importance of maintaining healthy blood sugars. Simply put: you just feel better. Some folks take medication to help control their blood sugar, while others rely more upon lifestyle changes. Regardless of how you decide to manage your blood sugar, it is important to be well educated when it comes to your treatment options, so that you can live a better life. Continue reading Healthy Blood Sugar the Natural Way

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Vitamin D: Are you getting enough?

Vitamin D has been making headlines lately as a recent study revealed that at least 9% of young Americans are vitamin D deficient! 1 Experts were surprised by those numbers, and now more is being done to help everyone understand the importance of vitamin D when it comes to good health. We encourage you to take a moment and learn little more about this important nutrient. Continue reading Vitamin D: Are you getting enough?

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Our Soil and Mineral Deficiencies

For centuries mankind has been dependent on the food chain to get the minerals necessary to stay healthy. But these minerals seem to be disappearing from our food. What could be the cause? And even more importantly, what can be done to replace them? In this newsletter we will discuss what we feel is the basis of good nutrition. Keep reading to learn more about the current state of our soil and how it may affect your health. Continue reading Our Soil and Mineral Deficiencies