Questions and Answers

Have the T. J. Clark’ Colloidal Minerals ever been tested for safety?

Yes. The T. J. Clark Colloidal Mineral formula was tested in Germany by Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, a Nobel Prize nominee in biophysics. His test revealed that the product was not only completely nontoxic but actually increased the life (electrical) energy output of cells beyond what had previously been established as optimum. Dr. Popp congratulated us on the excellence of our product. In addition, T.J. Clark Colloidal Mineral products have been effectively used by millions of people for over 78 years. During our entire history, there have been countless reports of positive benefits and never a significant reported adverse reaction. Tom Clark, the current CEO of T. J. Clark & Company, has regularly used our Colloidal Mineral product for 56 years. Throughout our history, thousands of people have learned to trust absolutely the T. J. Clark products.

Are T. J. Clark Colloidal Minerals different from other colloidal minerals on the market?

Yes! Substantially different for several reasons. The most important difference is the source and the method by which it was discovered. Those who know Tom Clark’s story know that the raw material components were traced with the aid of a natural spring. The importance of this original spring cannot be underestimated. It was this small golden spiral of water that led Tom through the labyrinth of cracks and crevices from deposit to deposit, compounding and re-compounding the precious elements left behind from a prehistoric age we can only speculate about. Without the guidance of this precious resource it is quite probable Tom would have never been able to recreate the enormously complex solution of compounds he found in the small pool created by the spring. The phenomenon itself is a composite of circumstances that will never happen again in precisely the same way. That is why we consider it of utmost importance to devote as much research as we can to quantify the precise compounds and their synergy that make up this remarkable liquid before the raw material resource is depleted.

How long will the mineral supply last?

That, of course, depends on the volume that we produce, which by the way, has markedly increased. Our projection, however, taking into account even the most aggressive demand, will take us through the 21st Century. Hopefully, technology will have developed enough by then to duplicate this natural phenomenon.

Are your minerals organic and non-metallic?

All minerals are elements, some elements are metallic and some are not. The metallic minerals are always metallic regardless of where you find them.

A basic understanding of the elements may help you evaluate the literature and statements being made to validate the many colloidal mineral products that are currently available in the marketplace. It may also help you to understand the incredulity experienced by the many legitimate scientists who review this literature.