Questioning the Food Pyramid Accuracy

According to Senate Document 264 Americans have been suffering from malnutrition for at least 64 years!

Food pyramid chartOn the right is the Governments Food Pyramid. It is supposed to represent the perfect diet. So what’s wrong with this picture?

  1. Commercial Growers remove minerals from the soil each time they harvest a crop.
  2. Minerals are lost naturally through erosion.
  3. Only a few minerals necessary to produce attractive plants and high yields are replaced. Usually only two or three.
  4. Plants are hybrid and selected for their appearance and ability to produce high yields economically, not for their nutritional value.

If the minerals critical to health aren’t in the soil, how can they be in the crops? The obvious answer is, they aren’t. To prove our conclusions we went shopping. We purchased all of the fresh fruits and vegetables in the pyramid, put them in a blender and then took them to a commercial laboratory for analysis. The chart on the right is what we found.

1. Many essential elements are not there at all.

2. Of the ones that are there you would have to eat a rather large amount to get your minimum requirement. For instance:

9.9 Pounds to get a minimum daily requirement of iron

12.57 Pounds for Calcium

8.8 Pounds for Zinc

6.94 Pounds for Phosphorus

4.4 Pounds for Copper

Starting to get the picture?


Two Major symptoms of malnutrition caused by elemental deficiencies


It may be hard to think of overweight people as being undernourished but think about it. Our bodies require all of the essential elements to go about their business of building, maintaining and restoring themselves. When the food you eat doesn’t contain enough of the elemental building blocks, your body signals your brain to tell you to eat more. It is quite natural for you to willingly oblige and when you do it is quite natural for your body to store those extra calories as fat. If your body was getting everything it needed it wouldn’t be hungry and if it wasn’t hungry you wouldn’t be fat. Sound simple, it is! Weight control is a natural function of your body. Simply give it what it needs and it will respond. Shhhhhh, don’t let that bit of knowledge get around, it will put a lot of diet product manufactures, doctors and clinics out of business. But—-we just learned the elements aren’t in any of the food that we eat so now what? The only answer is supplementation but don’t run out and start stuffing yourself with vitamins and minerals, remember the elements must be in a very specific form to work. Perhaps the best weight loss product in the world isn’t sold as a weight loss product.

Mental Deficiency

Deprive children of essential elements during their formative years and the results are devastating.

A variety of nutrient deficiencies are accompanied by mental symptoms, these are just the tip of the iceberg.

Deficiency / Symptom

  • Protein/energy- apathy, fretfulness, low interest in food
  • Thiamin- confusion, irritability, memory loss, depression
  • Riboflavin- depression, hysteria, psychopathic behavior
  • Niacin- irritability, memory loss, mental confusion
  • Vitamin B6- irritability, depression, abnormal brainwave patterns
  • Folate mental symptoms of anemia, irritability, depression
  • Vitamin B12- degeneration of the peripheral nervous system
  • Vitamin C- hysteria, depression, lassitude, social introversion
  • Vitamin A- anemia
  • Iron- irritability, weakness, headaches
  • Magnesium- apathy, personality changes
  • Copper- iron deficiency anemia
  • Zinc- iron deficiency anemia, irritability, emotional disorders